The Tribute to the Rescuers Essay Contest calls for students to use the lens of the Holocaust to understand moral courage. Researching the Holocaust and other historical events, students demonstrate how an individual or group can take a stand against injustice and, finally, how this information can be applied to their own community and lives.

This contest is made possible by the generous grant from the Carl Frohm Memorial Foundation

Basic Essay Requirements:

Using the Holocaust as the historical backdrop, this essay requires that students:

  • Provide a definition of moral courage
  • Choose two examples of moral courage: one from the Holocaust and another from a different time/event.
  • Explore the chosen historical event/example and provide content for each example chosen.
  • Use multiple, reputable sources to gain a balanced and fuller understanding of the subject.
  • Demonstrate how the chosen individual/group took a stand against social injustice and exhibited moral courage.
  • Conclude with “What now?” Example questions to ask yourself:
    • What about this example speaks to you?
    • Why is this example important?
    • Even though you may not experience life under tyranny or in a war zone- how might the lessons of your chosen example be applied in your own life, school, or family?
    • How can these lessons improve your life and those around you?

To apply for the Tribute to the Rescuers Essay Contest, submit your essay as a PDF in the form below.
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Essays for Spring 2023 must be submitted by March 24th, 2023.

For further information regarding the Essay Contest, learn more HERE

Questions? Contact:
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IHE Education Coordinator
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